Galleria Laura by Laura Claire H. is a virtual gallery of the arts, to awaken the senses and inspire the imagination.

Each short blog post aims to take you virtually and with immediacy to a concert, garden, piece of art or exhibition, which I have enjoyed and I hope you do too. Using vivid and evocative words, I share my thoughts and everything I write about in Galleria Laura should evoke strong and beautiful colours, atmospheres or cultures.

Galleria Laura has a virtual music room, fine art gallery, exhibition space, and some gardens and landscapes to visit, where you can find out about real concerts, exhibitions, art and gardens. If you like pictures or sounds too, check out the links on Galleria Laura on Pinterest.

All my comments are my own – about things I’ve heard, seen, thought or read. I have not been engaged or commissioned to write about the things included.  I have chosen to write about them because I enjoyed and appreciated them.

So, step into this virtual gallery of artiness!

Galleria Laura by Laura Claire H.

Disclaimer: Laura Claire H. volunteers from time to time at local arts venues. She will declare within a post if blogging about events at these places. 


© Laura Claire H 2014


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