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This time last year I had no plans to start a blog.  Joining Twitter and Pinterest was not on my New Year’s resolutions list.

What I did know was that I enjoyed the arts and wanted to see as many exhibitions and hear as many concerts as practicalities would allow – in addition to my already spare time volunteering at some local theatres and a museum.

#1 Galleria Laura 2014 blog postThe London Swing Orchestra in Oxford

As a volunteer in the local cultural sector I am privileged to see the effort and commitment that goes into ‘putting on a show’ of one kind or another. As well as the audience or visitors’ various reactions. As an enthusiastic visitor to galleries, museums and concerts myself I also know how, when I want to savour the memory of something that has positively captured my imagination – a colour, painting, musical phrase, scene, atmosphere,  a few days later I might struggle to remember it quite as vividly but wish the same feeling could be conjured up again – right now.

#2 Galleria Laura 2014 blog post – Garden Museum, London

This time last year I also knew that if I got the opportunity to start something creative – I didn’t particularly know what – I would call it Galleria Laura.

Of course, Galleria is Italian for gallery and Laura is my first name. Galleria Laura would be an ode to Italy where some recent holidays have been filled with beautiful gardens, architecture and a vibrant atmosphere fuelled by exquisite cultural sights. It would also be a nod to my years spent travelling to other parts of Europe (for a day job) where my first name would often be said with a strictly continental pronunciation.

#3 Galleria Laura 2014 blog post – Bohem Ragtime Jazz in Oxford

A spark of a dream was struck in me for a gallery of the arts – a place where I could self-curate a collection of places, sounds, pictures and artefacts. In that dreamy moment, it would be a real building with rooms – perhaps a book shop and bustling café too – and surrounded by landscaped gardens like the most beautiful I’d seen in Italy.

#4 Galleria Laura 2014 blog post – Ashmolean’s Eye of the Needle

A short introductory course at Oxford University, during a weekend earlier this year, threw me in to what momentarily felt like the blogging deep end.  The purpose of going along to the course was simply to find out more about what blogging is – I arrived there unarmed in terms of ideas and plans.

Not long after getting to the class there was a brief and basic introduction to blogging. It involved listening and taking a few notes.  Good, that’s what I expected.  Then everyone in the class, of around 35 people, was asked to move to a nearby computer and get ready to set up a site. There and then.

What? No more theory?
Can’t you show us first?
Err, I haven’t decided I want one yet. 

I’m sure many of us there felt as if we’d barely had time to sit down comfortably. Murmurs around me were of ‘What? A real one?’ ‘Now?’ ‘Will it be live?’.

In the available seconds before being led at a pace to the next steps – my response to the request of ‘just think of a name for your site’ was of course Galleria Laura.

#5 Galleria Laura 2014 blog post – Myths, Maps and Maritime Missions

Thank you to everyone who has visited Galleria Laura in 2014, a virtual self-curated gallery of the arts, and to all those places and people who have found themselves blogged about!

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© Laura Claire H 2014

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