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Blue and white.

Those are the colours that dominate Susanna Majuri’s display, showing as part of the Photography Oxford Festival 2014.

It was not the colour that struck me first though. It was the suspension of visual mystery in a snapshot; the mix of something clearly real with something certainly illusory.

There are seven photographs on display in close range. Each originates as an image of somewhere real – that is transformed into what is described as a ‘photographic play’. The result is a series of almost-interactions, between humankind and what seems like a mysterious underworld or otherworld. Yet they all look just enough like this world to mystify the viewer.

In each picture a human figure is caught entwined within the elements – it might be sea, wind, earth, sky. The titles are exact and definite, like Falling and Polar Bear.  The scenes themselves provide boundless matter for a host of potential sagas.

Susanna Majuri is a fine art photographer who graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 2007.  Her exhibition, on show at The Story Museum in Oxford, is mesmeric and ethereal.  It should be seen and savoured.

The exhibition is on until 5 October 2014,  as part of the Photography Oxford Festival 2014.

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