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I was rather tired after a busy working day. London’s Design Museum was rather more than a trip around the block.   If I was in the mood for something artistic, it was for the comfortable, sumptuous, exquisite – much less for disruption.

But I had bought the ticket.

The Design Museum opened its annual Designers in Residence exhibition last week. This year, four selected designers were given the brief of ‘Disruption’.

Within moments of arriving on the exhibition floor the lethargy left me. This was a thinking show  – not just seeing, feeling or being – and it woke me up.

The four installations consider aspects of modern life from a different, memorable and distinctive angle that challenges convention and assumption. They take in housing, the court system, financial transaction, and child’s play.

17th century slums and Victorian London housing form a basis to explore how new community could yet be inspired by the contorted structures of historically condemned housing.  There is a fusing of a court of law with a television studio to portray ‘legal theatre’.  The potential to influence spending through altered interaction between people, money and technology is tested, and time-honoured building blocks from educational play are swapped for alternative shapes and structures claiming some infinite building-play potential.

This is a thought-provoking, compelling and intriguing exhibition that creates a lingering visual and intellectual imprint. It runs until 8 March 2015.

See: Design Museum, London

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