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Are your walls looking too plain?  Does the paintwork need a rethink?

Perhaps you could use some ‘Origami Wallpaper’?

That is an eye catching exhibit at the new temporary exhibition, at The Geffrye Museum in London, that makes use of a paper surface texture that is quite beguiling.

The white folded paper structure, that creates a six segment flower-like look, briefly decorates an exhibition wall.  Just long enough though to allow a pondering on how one length alone might effectively energise the modern home interior and enthral guests.

There is also a range of other up to date designs on display – functional, ornamental, stylish – using glass, wood or light.

So, contemporary and cutting edge, but comfortable?

Try that for yourself with the ‘Canvass Sofa’.  That puts multi-functional furnishings, as well as space-saving, to the 21st century test as visitors are invited to literally take a seat on the flat canvass.

The compact ‘useful + beautiful: contemporary design for the home’ exhibition runs until 25 August 2014 at London’s museum of the home.

See:  The Geffrye Museum

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